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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

The most common issue with everyone these days is Time Management. Whether you are a student, working professional, freelancer, homemaker, or an entrepreneur, I am sure at some point or the other you must have said, “I don’t get time for this”.

It is rightly said, “Time is money & is the most valuable thing a person can spend”.

If your time management is not good or does not exist at all, you would never know where it is going. No doubt, time flies away quickly; but then too you can keep a track of it. How many of you have really feel that you have control over your life or your time? For instance, you spend hours scrolling through your Instagram feed or watching reels or just surfing the internet & then suddenly realize it's already been more than 1 hour.

Having time management can give you better control over the day & you can have ample time to pursue your hobbies or even relax a bit more. It is a super-effective tool like a superpower you may say so, which will not only increase your work productivity but also help you cultivate good habits, accomplish goals & help maintain a perfect balance between your Professional – Personal life.

Time management should not be a tedious process, wherein you again have to put in the time to manage your time!

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So let’s get started. Today I will be sharing some tips which I personally use to juggle between my professions of being an Event Planner, Casting Director & Blogger. These tips have helped me for better Time Management & in turn to have better control over my life giving me ample time to pursue my hobbies.

1) Analyse your Time Expenditure -

You need to assess your time consumed on each thing that you do in a week. Understanding the time consumption on each activity helps you to analyze the time spent on the actual activity & on the other distractions. Once you understand this, you can plan it accordingly depending on your day-wise goals & targets. While planning always keep in mind to be realistic, you have to achieve it in reality & not just on paper. Maintain a journal to keep track if it helps or there are various digital time management apps as well to make it simpler.

If you still have not set any goals or targets – Read my blog on Setting Goals.

2) Smart Work -

Whenever you plan, make sure you plan smartly. Today is the time of Smart work along with Hard work. Only hard work is passé now; if you are working really hard but if it is in the wrong direction you won't get any results. Also always prioritize the things that are to be accomplished in a day. Prioritizing simply means segregating the urgent work above the important work. At times you may have to be stubborn & say NO to many, but be firm on your decision. Always protect your priorities.

3) Have a Morning Routine -

Have already written a blog on How to have a Productive Start Everyday – READ NOW.

4) De Clutter -

Ever heard of Minimalistic living? It simply means living with only the things that you really need. You should remove anything that distracts you. Have done a separate blog on Minimalism & how it helps in Time Management - Read it Now You really need to de-clutter, taking out all the things that you do not need or that disturb you from concentrating on your goals. Decluttering is important physically as well as digitally. You are often so consumed in devices & various apps that all serve the same purpose. If you can’t reduce the number of apps; you can at least reduce the time spent on them.

5) Enjoy Free time -

Once you have Time Management as a habit, I am sure you will get free time to enjoy yourself. Use this time to the fullest to do what you love & do not mix this with your work commitments. You will feel refreshed & energetic once you start using your free time to your wish. This in turn also boosts your mental state to be more productive the next day at your work.

Once you have the steering in your hands & control of your life, it surely gives you a different high. With proper Time Management, you can meet all the targets & goals you plan. Always remember we are here just for a while; so never take anything, anybody, or Time for granted. Make the most of your life with Time Management







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