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Updated: Jul 19, 2021

author - Suraj Mathkar

The most common issue with everyone these days right from kids to adults is Stress. It has become a part of our lives & everybody at some point or the other goes through Stress.

Even if you wish to & consciously think not to take stress, it just pops up in most situations. At times, stress is useful too. It can keep you on your toes to accomplish the targets in time & get things done at a faster pace. The only major game-changer is your perspective towards it.

Stress if not managed properly or if it’s going beyond your capacity can have severe adverse effects on your mental & physical health. Stress management simply means finding a balance & keeping it at a level that can be easily managed. You cannot eliminate stress out of your life, but you can surely manage it in a better way with some tips & tricks which I am going to share with you today!

Firstly, let us check out what causes Stress?

Everyone has different kinds of stress & the levels also vary. For instance, students may have stress about their academics or project completions/ submissions, homemakers can have stress about the household chores & Working people may have stress in the form of office politics or work culture. To put it in a simple manner Stress is anything that triggers a feeling of uncomfortableness in our mind & body. Generally, the trigger is set when you are asked to do certain things in a certain time slot & you feel you are not capable or you won’t be able to accomplish those things in that specified time frame.

Symptoms of having Stress-
  • Rapid loss in weight

  • Disturbed sleep cycle

  • Getting irritated over small things

  • Panic or anxiety attacks

  • Negative attitude

  • Addiction to drugs & alcohol

  • Loss of appetite or sudden increase of appetite

  • Mindlessly working like a machine without taking breaks


Who all of you smoke?

Many of them would agree to this. You must have come across many people who say smoking or alcohol or drugs relieves their stress. These are just short-term things, which elevate your mood or gives you a high for the time being. These short term remedies are more dangerous for your overall wellbeing in the long run.

There are some tricks you can use instead, which can provide long term solutions in relieving the stress & also in proper stress management.

Just like everyone has a different thing that stresses them out, so the tricks also can be customized. Choose & adapt the best that may suit your condition.

Ways to Stress Management

1. Prioritize the Stress

Stress has now become an integral part of our lives & it just cannot be ignored or overlooked. The more you try to avoid the situations that stress you out the more difficult it becomes. Here comes the tool to prioritize the stress; it simply means prioritize the things that are most important and worth taking the stress for.

Check out my Time Management blog for more inputs on how to Prioritize.

2. Control your Reaction

You cannot control the situations around you, but you can definitely control the way you react to them. The baseline of stress management is simply taking the hold of your mind & reacting accordingly.

Simply ask yourself these questions whenever you face a stressful situation-

  • Can I change this situation?

  • if I can how can I make it favorable for me?

  • If I cannot change the situation, how can I change my reaction?

3. Be Positive

Certainly, you cannot instantly reduce the stress that a situation may cause, but you can definitely try to adjust to it in a better way. Note down what situations cause you stress. Once you have the list, you can figure out what you can do to change them. You never know the problem, which is at present, may never come in the future.

Don’t overthink & build situations in your mind. Doing this you make assumptions & react to situations that do not or may never exist. Try to have a positive attitude & think before reacting to any situation.

4. Accept

When you learn to accept, life becomes much easier & stress-free. Do not try to have control over the things that are not in your control. Certain things in life are beyond your control; particularly in any relationship, you cannot control the feelings of other people.

When you learn to accept things, it is what it is; you make room for more positive thoughts. It might sound like a small thing but it makes a big difference. Rather than pondering on those things, accept them & move on. Let go of the anger & ill feelings you may have for anyone. Have positive thoughts for yourself & others. Free yourself from the negative energy & thoughts.

Apart from the above things, make time to pursue your hobbies. Go meet friends, spend time with family, Work out, watch your favorite series & do anything and everything that makes you happy & forget about the stress!

So this was my small effort in sharing some techniques with you to relieve yourself from stress. Always remember you are never alone in this; if you are not able to cope up with the problems try reaching out to your family & friends.

Life is much more & stress is just a part of it.

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