STOP eating this, it’s making you OLD!

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

foods that make you old & age faster

There are many of our favorite foods out there, which are actually responsible for the wrinkles & fine lines on the face. Almost anything & everything that contains loads of white sugar is responsible in some or the other way for the wrinkles & aging. Not to forget the processed meat, junk food & alcohol. Consumption of this on a regular basis over a period of time not only will make you unfit but also will result in premature aging.

Aging is a natural process & we should embrace it. It does not matter whether you take care of your skin or you do not; either way, you are going to age. The 1 difference that stands out is taking care of the skin, slows down the aging process. Studies have also proven people who are careless about their skin have shown signs of pre-mature aging.

Our overall appearance depends on the lifestyle choices we make.
This question often pops up: how early does one start aging? What are the steps should I follow to control that?

So to make it clear; Aging is subjective! It means it varies from person to person.

Your genetics play an important role in the way you look.

Irrespective of that, if you take care & have a proper lifestyle you can definitely slow down the aging process & improve the quality of your skin to look your best.

So today I am sharing with you an Anti-aging Diet that has overall benefits for your whole body. Be it improved immunity, stronger nails, reduced hair fall, better blood circulation & of course slowed Aging.

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So here are my top 10 go-to anti-aging foods:
The Anti-aging food guide

1. Vitamin C & Antioxidants:

anti aging food guide to youthful younger skin

AMLA ! the Indian gooseberry is packed with anti-oxidants & Vit C. It has numerous health benefits including increasing your immunity, helping to reduce acidity, repair cell damage & much more. This magical berry is an absolute choice for the anti-aging process. You can consume amla in whatever way you want, but the best would be to consume it raw or in the form of fresh juice.

Wash Amlas’, deseed them, chop them into small pieces & grind in a mixer with some water. Strain the juice & consume it directly. Drinking this juice first thing in the morning will also help in controlling the blood sugar level if you are diabetic along with the numerous health benefits it will provide your body with.

2. Collagen:

anti aging food guide to youthful younger skin

Collagen is super essential for the skin’s elasticity. It plays a very important role to keep the skin hydrated & supple. You can easily include collagen-boosting foods in your diet on regular basis. These foods include chicken, fish, egg whites, green leafy veggies, fruits like kiwi & berries, garlic & beans.

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3. Dark Chocolate:

anti aging food guide to youthful younger skin

Who does not love chocolate? A little bit of chocolate now & then won't harm!

This superfood not only enhances the mood but also is a great ingredient o reverse the aging effects. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids, they help to increase the blood flow & thus the skin can absorb the nutrients effectively. As said earlier consume it moderately on a regular basis if you are watching your weight. Due to the high calorific index excess consumption may be put on a higher side of the weighing scale.

4. OMEGA 3:

anti aging food guide to youthful younger skin

These fatty acids are very important. They keep the skin walls fortified with nutrients for a youthful appearance. Just like we soak raisins in water overnight & in the morning they are plump & firm; the same way Omega 3 fatty acids help to keep our skin plump & firm. The major source of OMEGA 3 fatty acids is fish. Regular consumption of seafood can help you benefit.

5. Bananas:


Loaded with potassium, magnesium & other heart-friendly nutrients, Bananas are one of the best anti-aging fruits as well. We tend to add a lot of salt to our food in a number of ways which pulls water from the skin cells; bananas help to restore them & hydrate the cells. Banana is a superfood having overall health benefits. Consume 1 banana a day & see the results over a period of time.

6: Flax Seeds:

anti aging food guide to youthful younger skin

I am sure you must have already heard/read about the many benefits of flax seeds. They have been widely used in the beauty industry for the multiple benefits they offer. Flax seeds are a superfood; not just for youthful skin, but also for weight loss & stronger bones to name a few. You can include flax seeds in your diet in a number of ways. Dry roast them & eat a spoon daily, sprinkle them in your salads for an extra crunch, blend it up into the smoothie or grind them & add into homemade protein bars.

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I haven’t been a fan of Avocados, but lately, after discovering the health benefits I have started including it in my diet. Avocados are known to be extremely healthy & you must have often seen people eating Avocado Toast as a snack option. The oleic acid in Avocados helps in reducing inflammation, wrinkles & fine lines. If you do not like the taste of Avocados, just like I try this instead. Mash an avocado & mix some virgin coconut oil to form a paste. Apply this as a face mask & wash it off after 30 minutes. At least the skin will get some benefits from the application.

8. Watermelon:


Who does not love watermelon? If you do not like this, do you even like fruits?

Not just being tasty, refreshing & juicy; Watermelon is rich in vitamins C, E, K, potassium, magnesium, B5 & much more. This makes it a magical fruit for the whole body. Dice it up, juice it, and make popsicles… eat it the way you like!

Most importantly, we should learn to accept & embrace the changes that our body goes through over the period of our Life. Be happy & positive about it.

Everyone is not blessed with the best skin or best features; rather comparing & considering the physical looks, try to be a good human-human being & empathetic towards other living things.


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