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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Nearly all of us have a morning routine; the only thing that makes a difference is


90% of people have the habit of checking their phone as soon as they wake-up. Getting on social media as soon as you wake-up does no good to you; except if its your birthday!

Having a right morning routine is very powerful, as it sets the tone for the rest of your day. Beginning your day stressed, unproductive, unfocused will likely have the same feelings throughout the day. Start it strong & positive; and you will likely have a day full of productivity & positivity.

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NOTE- you need not follow everything mentioned herein;

but at least try & experiment.




Morning Routine Habit 1 – Meditate

As soon as you wake up; just sit up straight & meditate for 5 mins. Be grateful for this Life; we have got another day to live. Plan the day ahead or just simply sit in silence & concentrate on your breath.

Morning Routine Habit 2 – Stretch it Out

Once you are out of the bed. Do some stretching exercises; this will help to loosen your muscles & send a signal to your body to start its activities. You can do it for 5-10 minutes; depending on your schedule & liking.

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Morning Routine Habit 3 – Hydrate

Once you are done with your basic morning activities of brushing & using the washroom; drink 2 glasses of luke warm water. You can add ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) to it or even add half spoon of Turmeric powder with a pinch of black pepper. If not any of these just drink it plain. Do not eat anything for the next 30 minutes.

Morning Routine Habit 4 – Fuel your Body

BRAKFAST is the most important meal of the day. You need to fuel your body for the activities ahead. Breakfast can be anything what you like; but eating in the morning is important.

Morning Routine Habit 5 – To Do list

Plan your day. The best thing you can do is Time Management. Many people these days are over occupied with their work & the most common excuse is I don’t get time! So to have a balance between everything is Time Management.


You can also add Working out or any Physical Activity to the Morning Routine.


So that’s it for today guys ! Hope this was useful for you.

Do let me know in the comments down below if you want me to cover any other aspects too.

If you try it out, I would love to hear your thoughts and see your progress.

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