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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

by Suraj Mathkar

I am sure you have often come across the term “MINIMALISM OR MINIMALISTIC LIVING”

Even I used to wonder what minimalism is anyway.... is it giving up all the things in life & live like a monk or what?

Then out of curiosity, I did my research & finally writing this blog post today.

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So what is Minimalism or Minimalistic Living?

To put in simple words Minimalism or Minimalistic Living means owning fewer things. This means you will intentionally own the things that you really need for living. Only those things that give meaning to your life & its purpose. Minimalism or Minimalistic Living also means giving up all the distractions & the surplus of your belongings so you can totally focus on the things that really matter to you.

Minimalism or Minimalistic Living is not just a thing to do but it is a Lifestyle you will have to follow.

There are many theories available on the internet about Minimalism Philosophy or Minimalistic Lifestyle, and each theory has a different approach towards Minimalism or Minimalistic Living. However, the baseline remains constant- it is a method that can help you to prioritize the things in your life. What is most important to what is least important.

If this concept of Minimalism or Minimalistic Living sounds scary or unapproachable, don’t worry. You can use Minimalism or Minimalistic Living in all parts of your life. You can use this as a tool & customize it for yourself as per your needs.

Basic misunderstandings about Minimalism or Minimalistic Living

There are no set rules to Minimalism or Minimalistic Living. No one can determine if you are doing Minimalism or Minimalistic Living right or wrong. There is no scale to measure it. Minimalism or Minimalistic Living is different for everyone. Some things can be important to me & those things will not be important to you.

Minimalism or Minimalistic Living is a practice to follow for a lifetime.

It is a simple method to achieve your goals without any distractions. With Minimalism or Minimalistic Living, everything in your life will work in your favor to help you achieve your goals.

Anyone & everyone can add the benefits of Minimalism or Minimalistic Living to their life. It is a simple process of reducing the things that distract you & giving them up that no longer add any value to your life.

Mentioned below are 2 tips that I have used to start Minimalism or Minimalistic Living –

1. Start it from your Home

Make space in your home & de-clutter. Change the furniture arrangements in your home & let the energy flow. Give away the furniture that you do not use anymore. Making small changes is the best way to start.

2. Do not buy if you do not need

Stop the inflow of new items in your Life. It may mean getting the new amazon prime subscription or visiting the newly opened restaurant or getting yourself new shoes even if you already have 3 pairs. Rather you can use what you already have & then purchase new if you are replacing the old one.

Minimalism or Minimalistic Living – BENEFITS


The fewer items you buy the more money you will have in your bank account. Fewer items mean less maintenance; you end up saving on the maintenance costs as well.


Less time spent in maintenance means more quality time. The time spent in organizing the stuff & cleaning can be all saved up to spend it in a better way with your loved ones.


Practicing Minimalism surely reduces the amount of stress you have organizing & cleaning your home. Let the outside factors stress you out & not your assets which require maintenance.


Using less of items will reduce the pollution caused directly or indirectly. So MINIMALISM or MINIMALISTIC LIVING also helps in saving Mother Nature.


Nothing in life worth having comes easy!

Starting with Minimalism & making it your lifestyle will also have its challenges.

Giving up on possessions can definitely be a major task for most of us, but surely is not impossible. Once you start letting go of things, life becomes much easier. You may also take time in deciding on what things you do not really need. We are so much consumed by the items we have that we feel everything is a necessity, but in reality, it’s not. Also, you may wonder what to do with the items that you are about to give up on. Well, you can also do charity; donate them to the needy people.

Another major obstacle you may face when starting Minimalism or Minimalistic Living is that people around you may not understand the concept & your lifestyle. They may be judgemental about you or leave you with a list of questions. But do not let their thoughts demotivate you on giving up what you have started. Instead, you can explain to them how helpful minimalism or minimalistic living is, or just pass this blog link to them !

People may take time to welcome this change but once you show them, the results they will definitely accept it.

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