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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Firstly Wish you all Merry Christmas & a Very Happy New Year in advance! Thank you for all the love & support you guys have given me throughout, truly grateful for the love!

The beginning of another year is the ideal opportunity to assess your life and set objectives for yourself. Goals can help you in improvements that will have any kind of effect on you and your family.

If you are not sure about your goals, here are some simple, easily doable New Year's goals. Check them out :)

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1. Acquire a new skill

Try to be curious about new things. Always try to learn something new… it can be a new recipe, language, skill or anything. Don’t let the curiosity inside you die.


Start doing that thing you always had in your mind but were hesitant to do due to some reason. Don’t let the ideas just sit there in your head, set them in motion & get going. Whether you want to write a book or sing or any damn thing you want to do… just set yourself free & start doing it.


Everyone has a unique goal; which is specific to themselves. Your goal can be anything from eating more greens to eating less junk. If you already are fit then your goal maybe getting than lean body or bulking up. Whatever body type you already are in right now, try to work towards making the best version of yourself.

4. Explore Cuisines

One best way, which can never go wrong, is trying the traditional heritage recipes. Google the recipes or if you do not want to cook it yourself, try to find places who deliver them. The point is tasting & exploring the flavours.

5. Click Pictures

It is rightly said “pictures are worth a 1000 words” Clicking pictures helps to hold on to those moments for a lifetime. Try clicking pictures on daily basis. Find something good everyday & capture that memory; save it with the date & at the end of the month or year just go through the memory lane. I am sure it will make you happy & relive those moments.


Invest wisely or you can even start a savings account if you don’t have one. Save & invest wisely. You can even start investing / saving with as small as Rs.500; but to start doing that is important. Set investment goals to fit your budget & needs.

7. Share

Share your thoughts & resolutions across your friends, family, social media… anywhere; just as I am doing. You never know it may help someone to stay on track & find a way to accomplish his or her goals.

8. Guilt free pleasures

Enjoy things that give you pleasure. Eating some ice-cream or chocolates once a while won’t hurt. Live life guilt free; take a bike ride, enjoy some drinks, read that book, watch a movie… do what makes you feel happy & alive.

9. Be Grateful

GRATITUDE! Everyday be grateful to the almighty. Whatever religion you follow, whomever you worship; always practice Gratitude. Just take 2 minutes before you sleep & be grateful for a beautiful life you have. If you observe closely, there are countless things you can be grateful for, starting with your Parents because of whom you exist!

10. Be more Confident

Practice makes everyone Perfect. To master anything, you need to practice it. Start practicing things that you think are hard for you to do. Start with smaller doable challenges & then increase the level to bigger challenges. This definitely helps to boost up the confidence level.

11. Organize

Organize your life, plan your day or schedule it if possible. Leading an organized life definitely helps you sparing time for all the things you always wished to do but never got time.

12. Meditate

When we say meditation, people generally have the idea of sitting calm in a place for hours; but that is not exactly what it is. For me meditation is doing anything that calms my body & soul. It may be listening to my favourite songs, taking care of my pets, cooking for my family or even talking to myself. Meditation is just a means to taking a break & spending time with & for yourself. Try doing it; I am sure you will feel rejuvenated.

13. Sleep

This has to be one of the most favourite part of all my readers & majorly including me!

Everyone sleeps, but here I am talking about improving the quality of your sleep. Even if you are sleeping for merely 5 hours but that 5 hours of sleep should be a healthy sleep. Having a healthy sleep starts with adjusting the sleep cycle- fixed time to go to bed & waking up. Having a fixed sleep cycle has numerous health benefits for a happy & healthy life.

14. Do Not EAT Mindlessly

Eating at proper times is the most important thing for our Health. Also eating without any distractions helps in proper absorption of the food that we are consuming. Do not eat mindlessly. Always have your mind in place while having your meals; stay away from distractions like your TV or mobile phones. Having a meal hardly takes 15 minutes; stay away from those distractions & have a healthy conversation with your family, friends or even colleagues over the table.

So this New Year - 2021 put yourself first, gather yourself & do all the things you always wanted to do ! Be more confident & shine brighter :) Cheers to 2021

Happy New Year, Happy New YOU !
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