I drank ghee coffee in the morning for a month and this is what happened to my body

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Today, I will share a desi answer to the bulletproof coffee, an easily affordable version with ingredients available at home.

As you must have already read the title & seen the thumbnail, yes I am talking about GHEE COFFEE.

For years I have been obsessed with the bodies of models & actors; needless to say, I also did try the products they market heavily. After wasting my money & time on those products with negligible results I finally found a full-proof product which did wonders to my body.

It all started when I came across bulletproof coffee which is a famous thing in the west. Though bulletproof coffee is made of brewed coffee, unsalted butter & virgin coconut oil; our desi GHEE Coffee is none the less same & gives good results which you can check yourself.

So let us start with the basics – what is GHEE COFFEE?

Ghee Coffee is nothing but a regular black coffee with a spoon of desi ghee.

  • 1 Spoon of any coffee powder (I prefer Davidoff or Nescafe Gold

  • 1 spoon of Desi Ghee (I prefer homemade as my mom makes Ghee at home)

  • 1 cup hot water

Mix it all together & a cup of goodness is ready.

I have been doing it & following this since last lockdown – 2020 & now I will be sharing with you all the reasons why I stand by it.

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1. Helped me lose weight.

Just like a diamond cuts a diamond, the good fat in ghee can cut stubborn fat stored in your body. Search the web and you’ll know I am not lying. Several studies have found that including the right kind of fats in your diet can help you lose fat effectively. Starting your day with fats signals your body to use them as a primary energy source. When you eat energy-packed carbohydrates, your body produces more of the energy-carrier—insulin hormone—in a bid to distribute the energy throughout the body. On the other hand, when you consume healthy fats, a lesser amount of insulin is produced and your body attacks your fat reserves to produce energy. Now, imagine having fat first thing in the morning, when there’s no other food to derive energy from. Your body gets into a fat-burning mode early in the morning and continues to do so throughout the day.

(source Google) - By “right kind of fats”, I mean saturated (present in dairy products including ghee), monounsaturated (present in foods like nuts and avocados, they protect the heart and are great for insulin sensitivity), and polyunsaturated fats (present in foods like fish and flaxseeds).

2. Curbed my appetite

Science has stressed enough how digestion of fat is a slow process. Add a proven-appetite suppressant, coffee to it and there you go! Hunger pangs and unnecessary food cravings vanish & being at home the whole day is what you need! At least that is what happened in my case. Not only did the size of my breakfast shrunk, I felt absolutely no need to indulge in snacks.

3. My gut felt better

If you think having coffee on an empty stomach can cause acidity, then you have got to know that ghee is just the right antidote for it. Acidity problems aside, the satiation ghee coffee brought with it automatically made me reduce my breakfast portion size. Not overloading my digestive system with a king-size morning meal made me feel light and good all day.

4. I felt more energetic and active

I stopped feeling lethargic in the middle of the day and was able to concentrate on work better—thanks to my morning dose of ghee coffee.

5. My workouts became more productive

Surely, the caffeine from coffee gave me all the energy I needed for a high-intensity workout, but my range of motion and flexibility improved drastically as well. I am sure all of our grandparents have always told us how ghee is important for the lubrication of our joints and I think that’s exactly what worked here.

The final word…

There is no harm in trying and seeing how your body responds to ghee coffee. But here are two things to remember:

One, it may not suit you the way it suited me or could even make you feel acidic. So, watch out for your body’s reaction, and don’t just keep sipping on it mindlessly.

Secondly, the MOST IMPORTANT, after every 30 days, change your morning drink so that your body doesn’t get habitual to one drink and stops responding.

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