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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Dealing with dry, rough hair is one of the most frustrating things. Hair thinning and hair loss accompanied by dry ends is the worst nightmare. But, it does not have to be so difficult. Dealing with hair loss and dryness can be made easy. As long as you have the right remedy up your sleeve. Little magical fenugreek seeds come to our rescue. Yes, you heard it right! These tiny seeds have many properties which makes them the best ingredient for our DIY remedy. So, let’s see how we can use this magic ingredient to our benefit.

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Fenugreek Hair Rinse

You will need:

  • 3 tbsp of fenugreek seeds

  • 1 glass of water

  • Spoon

  • Strainer

  • Spray bottle

How to make:

  • Take 3 tbsp of fenugreek seeds and wash them thoroughly with water.

  • Take the washed fenugreek seeds and put them in a glass.

  • Add 1 glass of water to it.

  • Let the fenugreek seeds soak overnight.

  • The next morning, strain the fenugreek water with the help of a strainer.

  • Do not throw away the soaked fenugreek seeds.

  • You can use them to make fenugreek hair masks or simply eat them.

  • Pour the fenugreek water into the spray bottle.

  • Fenugreek hair rinse is ready to use.

How to use:

  • Shampoo your hair first and rinse it out.

  • If your hair is very dry, then use the conditioner, or you can directly use the fenugreek hair rinse.

  • Spray the fenugreek hair water into the roots and all along with your hair.

  • Let it sit for 5-6 minutes.

  • Rinse your hair with water.

  • Let your hair air dry.

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Benefits of Fenugreek for Hair

  • Adds shine to hair – Fenugreek hair rinse adds shine to your hair. When used twice a week, this hair rinse can work wonders and make your hair look soft and smooth.

  • Promotes hair growth– Fenugreek seeds help in improving the scalp health and thereby help in improving the hair roots. This, in turn, boosts hair growth. Fenugreek seeds can also boost new hair growth.

  • Fight Dandruff– Itchy scalp can be difficult to handle. Medicinal properties of fenugreek seeds help in reducing the dryness of the scalp and also fight dandruff. It makes the scalp healthy.

  • Reduce dryness of hair– Fenugreek seeds act as a natural conditioner and help in reducing the dryness of hair.

  • Prevent greying of hair– Premature greying of hair can occur due to a lot of reasons. Fenugreek seeds can also prevent premature greying of hair. These tiny seeds can be used for various hair problems. So, it would be great to add them to your hair care routine.


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