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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

You don’t choose Beard, Beard chooses you!

Struggling to grow a nice dense beard or a nice sculpted moustache? Then you have come to the right blog ! there is some hope for you.

Obviously, no one can promise you a thick bushy & radiant beard, but yes, there are surely some ways that can help boost the growth of your facial hair.

Let us clear the myths first

No one can provide you a full proof method of growing beard naturally. We have often heard shaving or massaging will help to grow a full dense beard; but there is no real proof of this.

Patience is the Key

The biggest mistake you can do is giving up too early. Beard growth requires patience. Everyone’s hair growth rate is different, as well as not all body hair & facial hair grow at the same rate. You will never know how much facial hair you can grow unless you give it time to fill in. If you are growing your beard for the first time, give it a good 6 – 7 weeks at minimum. Absolutely avoid trimming or shaping; let it grow however it shapes. If you do so then only you can know how dense facial hair you can get.

One of the main factors in growing facial hair is also your Age. As you age the facial hair tend to get dense. If you are in early 20’s your facial hair may be a bit patchy; if so try growing it after some years, maybe in your 30’s.

Fuel it

Just like your body, facial hair also needs proper nutrition to turn into a radiant & strong beard. Hair is majorly made of protein & fats, so you need to be sure that you include plenty of both in your diet. Vitamins & Minerals are also important to maintain that good quality of hair. Don’t forget to include citrus fruits & green leafy veggies in your diet.

Rest > Workout > Repeat

The male hormone Testosterone plays a very important role in growing body hair. To keep the testosterone levels high you should at least get 7 hours of quality sleep on daily basis. Working out also helps to increase the testosterone levels in your body. Try to include more weight & strength training exercises rather than cardio.

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After you have tried all the above tips; the last option which you have is getting a transplant. Having good hair majorly depends on your genes & lifestyle habits, If your ancestors struggled with having a beard, it is quite possible you will have a hard time too. There are really not many solutions on this.

Beard implants, derma rollers & many other treatments have recently hit the market; but they are the last option to try if you really need it too badly.

So to sum it up you cannot really grow a beard if its not in your genes. Using the above tips can only help you create a conducive & healthiest skin condition to promote the growth. If you have patchy spots or the hair isn’t thick enough, the above tips can surely help you to make it in a better condition.

Even if the above things dint work for you, don’t get stressed about it. Fashion changes every now & then. Soon a clean shave will be back in the game & beards will be a past trend.

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