Causes of #DEPRESSION - this also can cause Depression & Anxiety | #suicidal tendency among us.

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

causes of depression

#Depression is Devastating


Some people understand it; some think I just want #Attention. It all started back in school with constant #bullying & #teasing. For an introvert kid, which I was back then… it was too much to take in. I used to try to figure out what the problem is.  Is it I who is crazy or too dumb wanting to have a quiet time or is it my schoolmates who are just going crazy & having a good time making fun of me? Struggling with these questions somehow, I managed to survive my primary school. I had thought something would change in secondary school; maybe puberty could work its magic!

However, nothing of that happened. I was again the same. I always thought what is this feeling.. Why do I feel sad? Why do I cry even if I am not physically hurt... I was not just able to figure that out.  Why is it only me? What is wrong in it if I prefer taking a walk instead of playing football? What is wrong if I choose cultural activity rehearsals over sports? Why do I need to make a choice depending on what other batch mates would think?  All these questions would just pile up in my mind. I often had an urge to skip school or avoid the hallways where I would encounter my fellow students. Things were just getting difficult. Somehow, I managed to complete my schooling. Thankfully, my fight ended with my school life… most of the kids have very fond memories of school but for me I would never want to visit them again!  Typically most of my life I’ve always just been called dramatic when I’m upset. It has become one of my biggest triggers, because most of my life I have not had that fight to defend it. I just, quite simply, let it eat at me. Over the years, I understood whatever I was facing & the things, which I was experiencing, were related to #anxiety & #depression.  Now I know I can beat it each and every time it knocks me.  #Depression might be strong but I'm much, much stronger.

I know everyone may not have depression, but everyone has something hard they’ve experienced, everyone has something to share and everyone has something to relate to. Please do not judge other people's struggles and do listen to what they have to say. Their talks may be senseless to you, but everyone is different and everyone’s feelings are valid. Please, always remember that. Talking Saves Lives!

#MentalHealth is as important as Physical Health.

Keep Smiling :) Stay Blessed


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