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Updated: Jul 26, 2021

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I came across Bio-Oil 3 months ago & have been using it in my skincare routine religiously.

I got many questions about the benefits & uses of Bio-Oil in my recent Instagram post; so in today’s blog, I will be answering all the questions, uses & benefits Bio-Oil has to offer.

Bio-Oil is slowly getting its recognition in the Indian market these days; Bio-Oil is a major component of many celebs skin & body care routines. It is a best-used remedy for stretch marks, acne scars, acne & much more.

Bio-Oil can be a saver for all your skin issues right from helping fade dark spots to moisturizing the skin. Bio-Oil was globally launched in 2002; since its launch, it has gained world recognition along with a list of awards all for the best reasons!

Bio-Oil has countless uses & applications. This pink peachy bottle of Bio-Oil is an elixir with a mix of skin-boosting vitamins, which have a number of benefits like slowing the skin aging process, smoothing the skin, fading acne scars, evening the skin tone & many more.

With a wide variety of uses in one bottle of Bio-Oil, it is totally termed as a miracle potion & I agree with it hands down.

Ways to use Bio-Oil for your Skin, Hair, and Nails

What Is Bio-Oil?

Bio-Oil is a multi-purpose skincare oil with a combination of vitamins and plant extracts, including lavender, rosemary, chamomile, and vitamins A and E. Its unique formulation also contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil, a highly effective ingredient for aging and dry skin.

Bio-Oil is lightweight as compared to other oils. This makes it easy to penetrate into the skin & does not give an oily feeling after usage. The skin feels rejuvenated, soothed & moisturized without any greasy feeling.

Bio-Oil is most well known to heal acne scars & bumps.

Bio-oil can be used in a variety of ways, it can be applied on the face, body, hair, nails; it is non-comedogenic (means it does not clog the skin pores) & suits all skin types.

The best part is Bio-Oil is pocket-friendly & comes in 2 sizes (60 ml & 125 ml as available in the Indian market) so as to suit your pocket. I do not see any excuse to skip this magical oil from your skincare regime. It will surely up your skin & body care game.

Why use Bio-Oil?

As mentioned earlier Bio-Oil is non-comedogenic (it does not clog pores) which means it won't cause acne & pimples. It is completely safe to use Bio-oil on your face & skin. The various nutrients in the Bio-Oil are useful for a variety of skin concerns; these ingredients help to heal & repair the skin.

Bio-oil can be used on the face as a before-shower massage oil, overnight face oil, or just use few drops of the Bio-Oil on the face as a highlighter.

Uses of Bio-Oil

1. Anti-Aging facial Oil – Bio-oil is loaded with nutrients like Vit A & E which help in delaying the skin aging process & fades fine lines and the appearance of wrinkles. It also helps to boost new cell regeneration along with nourishing them.

2. Fight Dark Circles – Bio-Oil can also be used as an under-eye treatment oil. It helps to fade under eye dark circles if used on daily basis. Take few drops of Bio-Oil & gently pat them under the eyes before sleeping. Massage it gently until absorbed & sleep.

3. Moisturizer – Bio-Oil works as a great moisturizer to soothe dry & irritated skin. If you are having redness on the skin; just massage few drops of Bio-Oil & keep it overnight.

4. Acne – Applying Bio-Oil can be very effective to treat acne marks & scars.

5. Lip balm – Use Bio-Oil on lips to soothe dry & chapped lips. You can even mix it with your favorite lip balm or DIY lip creams.

6. Makeup – Bio-Oil can be an excellent makeup base. It can prevent the foundation from becoming patchy. Just take 2-3 drops of Bio-Oil & massage your face before applying makeup.

7. Highlighter - Patting few drops on the high areas of your face can give you a glow just like an effect of a highlighter.

8. Makeup remover – Bio-Oil can also be used to remove the makeup. It will nourish your skin while doing so.

9. Cracked heels – Bio-Oil helps in repairing your cracked feet. Massage your feet with Bio-Oil & leave it overnight.

10. Nails & Cuticles – If you have dry or chipped nails; Bio-Oil is the answer for you. Rub few drops of the Bio-Oil on your nails & cuticles. Vit E makes the nails stronger & shinier.

11. Sunburn – Treat sunburns with Bio-Oil; The combination of Calendula, Lavender and Rosemary oils, and Chamomile extract, makes it perfect to soothe sunburns.

12. Pre & Post shave – you can use Bio-Oil to massage the area before shaving to soften the hair. Doing so preps the skin for the razor & prevents scratches & cuts. Rubbing the Bio-Oil after-shave will moisturize the shaved area.

13. Hair Nourishment – Apart from being wonderful for the skin, Bio-Oil is also a great source of nourishment for your Hair. It helps to hydrate & nurture your hair. Being a lightweight oil, it can be used as a leave-in serum.

14. Split Ends – Bio-Oil helps in treating & preventing hair split ends. Regular massage with Bio-Oil on the tips of the hair can help to strengthen your brittle damaged hair.

15. Anti-Dandruff - Massage Bio-Oil into your scalp to get rid of dry & itchy dandruff flakes.

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Therefore, to sum it up Bio-Oil is a super potion packed in 1 bottle. Be it as a moisturizer, hair oil, under-eye, or massage oil. Bio-Oil packed with nutrients, which can treat any skin & hair condition & you should add it to your daily skincare routine.

If you still have not tried it or not sure about it; I personally recommend trying it at least once. I am sure you will not stop using it ever.

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