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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Care for the outer as much as you care for the internal!

When we talk about health & wellness, we just focus on nourishing & taking care of our internal organs such as heart, mind, kidney, lungs and so on. However, when it comes to care for the skin, our priorities drop. Skin & Hair care should be given utmost importance as the rest of our body organs. If the face is considered to the window to your soul, then your skin is the window to your health. The natural glow reflecting on your skin, or the dull flaky skin speaks much about your lifestyle, your dietary habits & most importantly about your health.

It is never a great experience to have skin issues. May be you are looking for a fast fix to get rid of these problems. In this case, Ayurveda can be of a great help. Ayurveda has the ability to get your skin back to its natural texture. When you start using these remedies; with their anti microbial, anti inflammatory & anti oxidant characteristics; they help to decease the visible sign of stress on your skin.

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Ayurvedic essential oils are a great way to enhance the skin’s vitality & appearance in the most natural way. Most of these oils have the ingredients that boost the health of your skin as well as hydrate it helping you to get rid of any imperfections.

One of my Favorite & which tops the list of
Ayurvedic Facial Oil is –

Vasu Facial Beauty Oil blends the Traditional Beauty recipe of Kumkumadi Tailam with clinically- proven Natural Plant Actives to offer a unique product that gives a Natural Glow to face, overcoming hyper-pigmentation, age spots, wrinkles and blemishes.

  • 100% natural Oil - A unique blend of skin-loving herbs and 5 different oils like Kumkumadi tailam, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Lavender Oil, Rapeseed Oil

  • Quickly absorbs and nourishes the skin from within

  • Helps to reduce hyperpigmentation, blemishes, dark spots and premature wrinkles

  • 0% Artificial Fragrance & 100% Natural

  • Made In India

  • 100% Natural


  1. Maintains youthful appearance of skin, naturally!

  2. Boosts collagen synthesis

  3. Improves skin elasticity

  4. Revitalizes and nourishes skin

  5. Evens skin tone by reducing Age spots

  6. Reduces appearance of premature wrinkles

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The 2nd Ayurvedic element I use everyday for my Hair & Skin is ALOE VERA : a miracle plant.

Aloe Vera has been in the beauty regime long before the beauty products came into existence. Aloe Vera is not only a miracle element for Skin but also for Hair.

ALOE VERA for Skin

Our skin absorbs aloe vera gel up to 4 times faster than water. Aloe vera gel helps to unclog the pores & provides the skin with all the moisture and a bunch of nutrients. It has anti septic properties, which help in getting rid of acne & other skin allergies. Aloe vera gel is also used to treat mild burns, sun burn & stretch marks.

ALOE VERA for Hair

Aloe Vera gel when applied on scalp helps to treat dandruff & dry flaky skin. It also acts as a conditioner leaving your hair shiny & smooth. Aloe Vera gel promotes hair growth; it has a chemical combination similar to that of keratin that promotes hair elasticity thus reducing breakage.

There are plenty of Aloe Vera gels available in the market; but the most trusted and my personal choice is

Cutting the aloe vera plant & scooping the gel everyday can be a tedious process; instead, you can use this readily available Aloe Vera gel that is 100% natural.

The Vasu Aloe Vera Gel formulated using a unique patented process, contains superior-quality, 98.3% natural aloe vera.

  • Hydrates & Nourishes skin & Hair

  • Soothes itchy skin & scalp

  • Moisturizes chapped hands, cracked feet and lips

  • Protects hair against environmental damage

  • 40 Year of Excellence

  • Available in 40+ Countries

Designed for everyday use, Vasu Aloe Vera Gel replenishes your tired and dull skin with required nutrients and helps you regain your youthful, glowing beauty.

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Ayurvedic skin & hair care products are made with 100% natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and are less likely to cause breakouts and other irritations.

Not only are natural products better for you, but they are also better for the environment. Commercial beauty products contain chemicals that are washed down the drain, contaminate waterways, and lead to more pollution.

So choose Ayurveda & get glowing the natural way.





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