5 tips to make You Attractive

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

5 tips how to be more attractive

There are so many articles/ videos / Instagram reels & whatnot that give you tips & tricks on telling you how to become more attractive, what can make more people like you.. etc.

People often Google these questions -

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  • how to make yourself more physically attractive girl

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But in all this process of adding things & trying to become like someone you may lose yourself in that process & maybe you will reach nowhere.

What is important is to be yourself & polish your personality & features.

It is important to improve yourself; but sometimes not necessarily, you should add; subtraction is equally important. Everyone has some bad habits that hold him or her back in life or from achieving a certain goal.

so today I will share with you 5 habits that make you Less Attractive

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What attracts you the most in a person?

Everyone loves to be attractive! Who would not like to be loved by everyone & to be an influential personality?

But being attractive is just not limited to looks or physical features it is way more than that.

Most of us consider that we are attracted to someone’s looks, or the way they dress, or their physical features like skin, hair, smile, etc. But subconsciously we are attracted to their behavior, the way they talk to others & their actions.

You may not believe it at first but that is the truth.

Good looks, toned body, sparkling teeth surely add up to being attractive, but attractiveness lies within you. It is from your actions. Changing your outer appearance is way easier than changing your inside.

Being attractive is just not limited to gaining popularity on social media or being an influencer. Being attractive can change your entire life & all parts of it – be it love life, dating scenes, family & even work life.

Tip #1 : Ignorance

It is often said Ignorance is bliss, but some people take that in the wrong context. We are living in a modern world where the majority of people believe ignorance is cool. Every day there is some or other invention coming up to make our life easier, but in reality, it is making us lazier.

Laziness is not at all attractive. Who would prefer a lazy person? Nobody would want a person who just doesn’t care.

We would prefer a person who makes an effort to build relationships.

When you take effort, that is what attracts the people. It is applicable in all parts – efforts for a person when you are in a relationship, efforts at work in your work life, or efforts at home for your family. When you genuinely care for someone it can be directly seen. Caring is attractive.

The same goes for all negative traits like being rude, lying, etc. These all make you less attractive. To impress someone be it your crush, boss or anyone you have to keep 1 thing in mind make an effort & be caring. You are not a machine & neither is the person in front of you. Everyone has feelings & emotions and the best way to connect with people is by expressing those emotions; that’s what makes you more Attractive. If you wish to attract more people take an effort & show them you care.

Tip #2 : Remember the Name

People often say they are not good at remembering names; while that is not the truth. It is just they don’t care enough. It is not impossible to remember the name of a person whom you meet. If you are not that sharp then you can make a note of it on your smartphone or in a diary.

If you wish to attract & impress people, you need to do that extra thing which most people don’t do. Note down the names, their birthdates & other specific details if any.

I have been noting down the details about my clients; that is my cheat sheet. Even though if I don’t convert the Client this time I make sure to wish them on their special days & address them with the correct name. When you do this it instantly gives a good impression about you. By doing this the person feels much more valued & cared for. Try this & you will definitely be more attractive.

Tip #3 : Sleep

The most underrated hack for a better, healthy & beautiful life is SLEEP!

It is so easy to sleep you may say, but studies have shown that many people don’t get enough sleep.

Lack of sleep can gave adverse effects on all areas of your life. Makes you lethargic, lazy, you become less attentive, lack energy, have low immunity, dark circles, hair fall, dull-looking skin & the list goes on & on.

So lack of sleep = less attractive you become.

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Lack of sleep not only hampers your physical attractiveness but overall productivity.

Sleeping enough is not just about looking great but it is for overall wellness.

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Tip #4 : Listen & ask Questions

Imagine this situation-

Recently you got an amazing job you were wishing for & finally, you got it. You met a friend & you are telling him all the things that happened.

Instantly he congratulates you & cutting the conversation he starts telling about his job & the promotion he got. He boasts about how his promotion is better than yours. He is constantly interrupting you whenever you want to say something.

What a terrible feeling right?

I am pretty sure all of you guys have experienced it or might be doing it yourself. This is because we are bad listeners & we suck at it big time! We enjoy talking so much about ourselves that we tend to forget others; this may be unintentional but it does happen.

The solution to this is simple; just listen to others & try to enjoy their story as much as you would enjoy telling yours. You can interrupt them with your question but don’t cut them off with your own story. This gives a message that you are genuinely interested in their story & this is what makes you more attractive. Give all your attention when a person is talking to you & focus on them.

Tip #5 : Be available

It is often said don’t be too available for someone. Well, I would say that is partially wrong.

Out of sight = Out of mind

If you think being unavailable or inaccessible increases your value; then you may be wrong. That is uncool the majority of the time. People generally find others attractive when they see them more often. In today's time, most people have a defense mechanism ie. they don’t show up because they don’t want to be too accessible. At times this can be helpful too, but the majority of times it is not. You should analyze the situation & respond accordingly.

Deep down we all have a desire to be connected to people & acting distant might make people wonder about you. Make sure it doesn’t make you feel lonely & miserable. You should not lack any genuine connections with the close ones around you.

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So remember –

Most of the time, the easiest life tips are the most powerful ones. We often tend to forget these simple rules in life.

Being an attractive person can definitely make your life much easier & becoming attractive is not even difficult. Of course, as I said earlier being attractive is a lot more than your physical beauty.

I am sure the above 5 rules which I shared can definitely help you be more attractive in all possible ways.

  1. Take efforts & be caring

  2. Remember the Name

  3. Sleep a little more

  4. Listen & ask Questions

  5. Be available

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