20 small steps to make a BIG difference in your life!

Someone has correctly said – Habits die-hard. Making new habits & following them has always been a task for many of us. We often tend to refrain from the change & rather follow our lifestyle within our comfort zone. But change is important & to change our life we need to change our habits.

Starting with a small change & being consistent is the key. A small change in your daily schedule can have an overall powerful effect on your life. Keep it real & achievable.

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Today I will be sharing a list of 20 small habits that are a powerful tool to improve various areas of your life.

1. Start your day with at least one glass of water- Water before anything.

2. While sipping that glass of water think about the day ahead & plan accordingly.

3. Do not scroll over your Instagram or check emails. Make time to think about your day, meditate, work out or just relax.

4. Make a goal to read. Read at least 2 pages of your favorite book/ topic on daily basis.

5. Workout at least 10 minutes daily. Do not make it sound like work; make it fun.

6. Try to meditate daily. Start with 1 minute at first & then slowly increase the time.

7. Have breakfast. Never keep your stomach empty.

8. Manage your energy. Do not overthink. Overthinking will only exhaust your brain & decrease the days' productivity.

9. Remove all the distractions from your workstation. Mute all notifications or do whatever it takes; it surely does increase productivity.

10. List out things to be achieved today. This can be done a night before going to bed as well.

11. Allot time to each work & when to take a break. Taking a 5-minute break from work is very important. Do not overwork.

12. In the 5-minute break do not just keep scrolling through social media; grab a coffee, take a walk & clear your mind of all the negative thoughts.

13. Whatever you have planned for the day, make sure it is a small achievable target. Planning big targets may lead to unsuccessful accomplishment & thereafter demotivating you. Plan small, focus & achieve.

14. Make sure to spend at least 5 – 10 minutes with nature. Take a walk or just observe the house plants if you have any. This may sound simple, but trees & plants have a huge impact on your thoughts & mood.

15. Keep your workstation organized. This helps you to find things easily & when everything is in place; so is your mind.

16. Make sure to keep the work stress only for the working hours. Clear your mind once done with the shift.

17. Eat more healthy & less junk.

18. Cultivate a hobby. Make sure you spend at least some time daily pursuing it.

19. Review your day; tick off the goals you achieved. Trust me checking the list with all completed goals gives a different kind of high.

20. Follow a basic skin & hair care routine. Necessarily not an elaborate one; follow a basic one. When you look good = You feel good = Life is Good!

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Small habits make a big change & they help us to be consistent. They will soon become a part of your lifestyle.

Changing your routine once in a while is completely fine. Do not be too harsh on yourself. After all, it is your life, make it worth living.

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